12 Week Body Transformation Programme – How it Works

Are you not absolutely satisfied with the way you look and feel about yourself? Do you crave a body you would be proud to flaunt in the beach? Do you want others to compliment you on your gorgeously toned and sculpted body each time you step out? If so, then the The Venus Factor 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge is just for you! You get only one shot at life and it’s in your hands to live it to the fullest. Take the right decision and join this exclusive outdoor group fitness programme that has been structured to give you a killer body in three months flat!

Join the One and Only Fitness Programme Guaranteed to Get you in Killer Shape

Body transformations are an explosive schedule of various high intensity workouts that are proven to burn maximum fat and push your body to a high energy level. The programme has been structured especially by trained and experienced fitness experts to create more success stories than any other similar programme going around. Staying in perfect shape and enjoying life is not something beyond your means….all it takes is an effective fitness programme that’s motivating and fun and combines the perfect environment of like-minded people with stimulating guidance from an inspiring crew.

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How Does The 12 Week Body Transformation Programme Work?

This exclusive outdoor fitness programme is held at over fifteen different locations spread all over Sydney. Sessions are conducted across the week for six days and at different time slots spread throughout the day. And the best thing is that on joining, you get immediate unrestricted access to all the 83 classes being held throughout the week at various locations! This is for maximum convenience of clients so that there is always a location and time slot suitable for you.

Each session lasts for forty-five minutes and includes explosive workouts like Boxfit, Cross Training, Strength Training along with Yoga for a comprehensive development of body and mind. The modules are so designed to offer a perfect combination of explosive workouts and de-stressing techniques so that you can enjoy a high energy level yet stay calm and focussed throughout the day. You become more confident of yourself, your stamina and posture improves and you can achieve a lot more than before.

The programme is easy to register for. All you have to do is check out the website and enter the page for registration. There you will find a simple process that includes list of all locations and the timings of the sessions. Just select the course you want to join for along with your preferred location and other personal details and you can click your way to health and happiness.

On registering, apart from unrestricted entry to all sessions (as mentioned above), you get your very own diet and nutrition plan structured by top nutritionists which guides you on how to eat, when to eat and what to eat for maximum fat loss and maintenance of ideal body weight. Your measurements are also taken at the beginning and end of the programme wherein your measurement are taken for personal assessment and before & after photos.

Read more about the program on http://www.venus12weekbody.com/diets/one-meal-a-day-diet

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