Top Five Excuses for Not Hiring a Personal Trainer

You have experience in personal training and you have come across many people who would cook up several excuses not to hire your services. You should be able to tackle those excuses and convince them that investing in a personal training should be their first priority toward achieving health and wellness. The clients need to be reminded that a personal trainer is the best to teach them the proper approach to workouts, effective ways of controlling eating habit and managing activity level.

No Gym Membership

A standard excuse you often come across is that there is no gym membership, but you can always point out that these days they have access to fitness trainers not only at the gyms, but you can teach a client at his home, at parks or even the beach. Some dedicated clients also learn online via video chat. Suppose some of your potential clients are wondering how to fit a trainer to their budget, you may simply recommend cancelation of gym membership and diverting the funds toward hiring a professional who would train them outside the gym.

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Not an Affordable Proposition

Often some people use the excuse of not being able to afford your services. Simply make them understand that in fact they cannot afford to ignore the role of a fitness trainer for a healthier existence. You must make them understand that if they are not fit enough, they may develop some chronic diseases and their medical bills would surely shoot up.

A chunk of their medical expenses can be eliminated through proper nutrition and fitness program taught to them by a fitness expert. Draw the attention of your potential clients to the fact that if they calculate their expenses on eating out and on standard groceries, they would realize that they are spending much more. Expenditure on whole foods including organic produce is much lesser than on eating in restaurants or having processed food.

Moreover, when a professional coaches them outside the premises of a gym, he gives them personalized lifestyle advice, he goes all out in his efforts and would sometimes even train them beyond a standard hour at a typical gym.

Lack of Time

Often some people are just not able to manage their time well. Refute their excuse of not having enough time at hand to devote to personal training, by pointing out that success depends primarily on prioritizing the time one has. Opportunities do not always present themselves they need to create them. Educate them as to how personalized training would help them maximize their energy. Demonstrate some sample exercises that you have chalked out for some of your clients who are having a time budget.

Meant only for a Hollywood Star or a Professional Athlete

Tell them that you are aware that though many do not admit to it, but it is an inherent desire in everyone to be a famous athlete or a Hollywood star. Share encouraging stories about how some of your clients went on to compete in athletic events even though they never considered themselves to be athletes. Convince women that they could now acquire beach perfect body and wear their bikini or skinny jeans or little black dress with no inhibitions.

Self Help Better than Shelling Out Money

Point out to these clients that they can never be regular on their own. Only personal training can help them stay on track with a workout log, variety of exercises and personalized training.

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