Fitness Trainer Busts Common Workout Myths

It’s natural to have some doubts in your mind about the implications of Rushcutters Bay group fitness especially if you have never tried it before. There are a lot of common myths regarding personal fitness training and workouts in the minds of the public. The best fitness trainers in the industry get together to clear popular misconceptions that prevent people from embracing fitness workouts.

Strength training makes women really bulky

This myth drives most personal trainers crazy as one every three female clients repeatedly voice this concern. Building up bulky muscle is not that easy for women bodies which are loaded up by estrogen.

If you are a woman, you would have to take huge quantities of protein supplements, work out with extreme heavy weights for a really long time if you want to build up muscles. Men gain muscle growth faster because their bodies have a lot more testosterone.

Normal fitness workouts will only make you gain the right amount of lean muscles and cut down on fat deposits. The lean muscle will work overtime to burn calories even when you are not exercising.

Exercising is pointless if there isn’t any weight loss

There are many newly converted exercise enthusiasts who train at Rushcutters Bay fitness groups and then keep weighing themselves on the scale every single day. If they don’t see a continuing downward trend on the scale then they lose up and think “what’s the point of working out if you don’t lose any weight?”

You don’t have to lose weight in order to benefit from exercise say top Rushcutters Bay personal trainers. Your exercise sessions will cut down extra fat and increase lean muscle. Exercising will decrease blood sugar levels, decrease cholesterol and make your heart healthier. You will be fitter, more energetic and more alert mentally after just one month of rigorous exercise.

Low intensity exercises are better for the body

High intensity exercises are far more powerful and strain the joints lesser. Most fitness trainers insist that short bouts of high intensity exercise punctuated by short spells of rest is the best thing you can do for your body. Your heartbeat will spike up and the body will go into a calorie burning mode.

The fact is that intense exercise burns away carbohydrates instead of fat cells. The fat loss is a little lesser but the total calories burnt is more.

I can eat whatever I want if I am working out

This myth is one of the top peeves of personal trainers. No amount of working out gives you the license to drown yourself in cheese and cola if you want to stay fit. You can the good effects of 3 intense workout sessions in one day of greasy oily eating. Your group fitness program in Rushcutters Bay will give you nutrition tips and lifestyle advice. Follow the tips rigorously if you really want to get fit faster.